Aloha Poke

Need a twist from typical barachirashi don? Try Poke – marinated Hawaiian raw fish salad. We visited Aloha Poke at Amoy area for dinner to try out this cuisine.

During lunch, they offer full customisation of Poke bowl whereby you can check the boxes from an order chit to pick the ingredients you want. Starting from size, to the base (white rice, brown rice, mix rice, salad, kale), protein (tuna, salmon, vegetarian), flavour (original, wasabi mayo, spicy), add-ons (carrot, cucumber, tomatoes etc.).

As visited them during dinner, the display counter was closed and they only provided a limited fixed menu. We settled for the Ultimate Poke Bowl which comprised of a mix of almost everything (its somewhat like omakase bowl since its left to them to design the bowl for us).  The colourful bowl not only looks appetising, it turned out great too. A wonderful zesty marinate (including pineapple and lime) along with fair portion of healthy greens. This would put anyone who says healthy food are not appealing to shame.

Aloha Poke_02

While we were there, it was noticeable that quite a few customers walked in after their exercise session to order customised poke but left after knowing that they only serve a standard bowl at night. Most of them are probably working in the area as they said they would return during lunch so that they could choose from the full selection.

Tried the Cured Salmon Crumbie as well which was nice for starter but doesn’t seem value-for-money as it’s not as filling as the poke bowl.

Since this is a Hawaiian theme eatery, we tried the Hawaiian Kona brewing company’s beer of Castaway (IPA) and Big Wave (IPA). Both are very fruity, I must say they are more fruity than the usual fruity beers like Kronenbourg blanc.

Aloha Poke_01

Oh…how I wish I could customise my own bowl of poke for lunch!!!! My only hope is lunch on Saturdays…

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