Bao Makers [Relocated]

Bao Makers took over the unit vacated by Windowsill Pies after the latter relocated to another place. They are a cafe that sort of specialise in buns (包) but they also serve a mixture of western and jap-styled mains and pasta.

Since the baos seemed to be their main selling point, we tried the items from that category. Namely the Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Shrimp baos served with salad. The buns of the two dishes were handled differently. The chilli crab one was lightly fried just like the mantous we dip in the chilli crab gravy and the salted egg shrimp one was purely steamed.

Bao Makers_02

The Chilli Crab ones were pretty decent, but don’t expect tons of crab meat inside. Salted Egg Yolk Shrimp was interesting concept but it could be better executed as we find the salted egg yolk coating too watery.

The baos doesn’t seemed filling and may be a tad pricey as for the price, I could have enjoyed a beef patty burger elsewhere.Bao Makers_01

An interesting display of Automat can be found in the eatery thou we are not sure if it is supposed to be working?

[Updates in Dec 17]

They have relocated to:

4 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089261

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2 Responses to Bao Makers [Relocated]

  1. cephasteo says:

    Personally, I believe, when reviewing, bloggers should, preferably, state the price of the dish/Food. Moreover, it is in complete, without providing full details, including Operating Hours.

    • Hi, thank you for visiting my humble blog and leaving the comment. I believe in directing people to the website/facebook of the respective eateries (I provide the links in my posts) should they be interested in visiting them, as the owners deserve the internet traffic flow for their businesses. Moreover operating hours may be subjected to changes and it will be of the best interest for diners to obtain the info from the eateries as I myself had sometimes fallen victim to outdated 3rd party information.

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