Bokkuraa Coffee Club @ Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, Maldives

I hadn’t got much luck in lucky draws and it was unbelievable when I received the notification letter from SPH Magazines that I won a stay in Maldives! First visited Maldives 2 years ago and was ecstatic that fate had led me to win a trip to return to the beautiful paradise!

The island nation is best seen from the sky hence it is imperative to book a day flight into Male city and secure a window seat. I’m still mesmerized by the breathtaking scenes when the plane starts descending on approach to the airport. Lovely blue hues of the atolls amidst the shimmering ocean are opportunities for picturesque wallpaper-worthy shots from the plane.

Maldives 2015_01

After a poor in-flight meal onboard the plane, we were starving upon touching down in Male airport. Grabbed a croissant from one of the cafes before boarding the speedboat transfer to Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma.

The speedboat transfer was smooth due to the good weather and we zoomed by several other island resorts before arriving at ours in about 40 minutes. As the speedboat approached the jetty, we were greeted by a stretch of white sandy beach lined with sun beds.

After checking in and taking a buggy ride to our beach house unit, instead of relaxing in the room, we headed to the Bokkuraa Coffee Club to have our first proper meal that mark the start of our island holiday! Set right next to the swimming pool with a scenic view of swaying palm trees and the turquoise blue ocean, it was a great spot to chill and relax. Perhaps we were hungry or its the “holiday effect“, the plate of “Classic” Yong Chow Fried Rice diced vegetables, diced pork char siew, egg, prawn crackers, julienne lettuce, deep-fried chicken wing (US$24++) exceeded our expectations! Although it is pricey, this is Maldives…everything is costly. Anyway back to the fried rice, not only was it tasty, it was better than most of the restaurants in Singapore. Prawn crackers were crunchy, chicken wing was crispy. Fried rice was not too oily and was grainy. All thanks to a number of Malaysian chefs working in the resort, we could taste good Asian food on our holiday.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_Bokkura Coffee Club_01

Here’s the other photos of the island:

HI Resort Kandooma Duplex Beach House_02

The duplex beach house has a “living area” on the ground floor which I seldom utilise…cos there are many sun beds along the beach which are much better.

HI Resort Kandooma Duplex Beach House_01

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