Kandooma Cafe @ Holiday Inn Kandooma, Maldives

Kandooma Cafe is the main restaurant that serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the island resort. After having a delightful meal over at the all-day dining cafe, I was hoping the buffet food in the main dining hall is equally up to standard.

Housed in a massive hut-like structure, the restaurant looked pretty new and spacious. Although the interior hall was fitted with numerous fans, it was still slightly stuffy and warm. We chose to have our meals outdoor whereby we could enjoy the cooling breeze, which explains why the photo of the food didn’t turn out well.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_Kandooma Cafe_01

The spread available included the standard Starters, Soup, Mains, Cheese and Desserts. Of which there was a good variety of Asian dishes available, including Teppanyaki for dinner. Being a family resort, they also did not forget the kids and have a small dedicated section serving kids selection.

Amongst breakfast, lunch and dinner spread, I enjoyed Breakfast most. It had a good variety of bread and pastries for those who liked continental breakfast. American breakfast spread is also available but it was it was quite standard. What enticed me the most was the Asian dishes, although it might seem kinda heavy for breakfast with noodles and rice meals. But a hearty breakfast is necessary since we need to fuel up before starting our activities-filled day ahead. =)

Luv the Prawn noodle soup the most! Fried rice was another definite choice of mine.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_Kandooma Cafe_02

The chefs also included some Maldivian cuisines in each of the meal, so during my stay I tried the Fried Tuna Cutlet and Banana Cake.

Lunch was probably the least attractive meal as they only serve semi-buffet which we have to choose 1 main course, while the appetizers and desserts are free-flow. We had the Chinese wok fried beef and Grilled jack fish. The beef was slightly tough, same for the rather tough jack fish. The item which caught my taste bud the most from the lunch spread was the Lemongrass shrimp cake.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_Kandooma Cafe_03

My favourite section at the restaurant has to be the Dessert station. Be spoilt by a range of bite-sized cakes every meal~HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_Kandooma Cafe_04

Other photos of island life

Part 1 – Wildlife & Marine lifeHI Resort Kandooma Wildlife_01

HI Resort Kandooma Marine Life

Part 2 – Catching the sun, the moon & the stars

HI Resort Kandooma Sunrisesunset

HI Resort Kandooma Night sky

Part 3 – Surfing

HI Resort Kandooma Surfing

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