The Kitchen @ Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, Maldives

For the last dinner on the island, we decided to dine at their fine-dining restaurant – The Kitchen, instead of having the buffet dinner in the main dining hall. The restaurant is located by the beach and features an open-island kitchen concept where we can see the Chefs at work. Highlight was the 4-course Lobster Meal offered at the restaurant at US$260++ per couple. The lobster meal is definitely more value-for-money than ordering ala carte items from this fine dining place.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Kitchen_01

Bread was served on a fancy display stand along with amuse bouche of cured salmon. Although we sat near one end of the open-kitchen, the beach view intrigued me more than the kitchen. I was stunned to see the numerous scurrying crabs on the sand! It felt rather creepy initially but the discomfort soon eased. It was as though we were watching “National Geographic” Channel as we quietly observed the crabs busy at work… dumping out the sand they excavated from their burrows. A kid nearby was busy gathering hermit crabs from the beach.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Kitchen_05

During our last holiday to Maldives, we also had lobsters at the resort that we stayed but we were disappointed with the quality of the lobster there. We were apprehensive to try lobsters again in Maldives but our concerns were allayed right from the Appetizer of Lobster trio sashimi with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger, pan seared lobster tail and indochine summer roll. =)

The lobster was fresh and well-prepared. Loved the gravy used for the pan seared lobster tail, slightly spicy yet savoury.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Kitchen_02

Soup was Lobster consomme with diamond vegetables and Lobster bisque with armagnac and truffle oil. The consomme was light and clear with subtle freshness of the lobster while the bisque was thick and rich, filled with umami of the crustacean.

There was even a palate cleanser – Lychee sorbet served before the mains.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Kitchen_04

There were total of 6 choice of preparations available for us to decide how we would like to enjoy our hand dived Maldivian splint spiny reef lobster. We opted for Classic lobster thermidor sauteed garden vegetables, buttered rice, hollandaise and mushroom and Oriental styled steamed lobster with minced garlic and glass noodle garden vegetables, steamed thai jasmine rice and soy sauce.

Portion wise the size of lobster was quite reasonable. The flesh was firm and succulent. Both cooking styles were well-executed and we were indeed pleased to find such high quality food in Holiday Inn Resort.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Kitchen_03

Ended our meal with Dessert of the Day, which was Banana cake with peanut butter (I think). The ratio of cake to peanut butter was just right for my liking.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Kitchen_06

This brings us to a delightful end to our 3 nights’ stay at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma. My biggest takeaway here would be to learn how to surf =) good gentle waves and nice soft seabed for beginners. For keen surfers this resort also has pretty good waves during the right season. Although it would be nice if there are better snorkelling spots in the lagoon, as we didn’t snorkel as much as we would love to – perhaps we didn’t find the right locations? However this resort would be good enough for most first timers to Maldives with a moderate budget.

Other Photos:

Had drinks at The Deck and enjoyed the sunset views.

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_The Deck_01

2 of my favourite shots from the island – sunrise moment and a surfer in action =)

HI Resort Kandooma Maldives_Holiday_01

Off we go…to the next island in Maldives~ Passed by water villas in Cocoa Island by COMO on the speedboat that has a “robot” face by the side.

HI Resort Kandooma Holiday_02

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