Muraka @ Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives (Part 1)

After completing the first leg of our holiday at Kandooma, we island-hopped to Mirihi Island Resort. Upon disembarking from the speedboat transfer from the first resort, we were received by the agent sent by Mirihi and guided us to check-in our luggages at the seaplane counter. From there, we took a shuttle bus to the sea-plane terminal. Mirihi resort has a lounge in the sea-plane terminal where we can rest while waiting for our flight~

The private lounge even has a balcony overseeing the docks where the seaplanes were parked. Great view along with refreshments for us to enjoy. And it was from the wall clocks in the lounge that we realised that there’s 1 hour time difference between Mirihi (which is only 25 mins away by sea-plane) and Male. Hmmm….Does it mean that time flies when we are on the island?!

Mirihi Island Holiday_01

After a short rest, we were led to the boarding area for the flight. The small seaplane can accommodate about 12 passengers and was really cramp. The engine sound for the propellers was also pretty loud. It wasn’t a comfy ride and I couldn’t imagine taking it for anything longer than 1 hour…However the reward was the gorgeous views that we will be getting once the plane is air-borne!

Mirihi Island Holiday_02

With such breathtaking views, it was needless to say that my camera shutters didn’t stop throughout the journey and we soon arrived at the small and exclusive resort – small because it is only 350m long x 50m wide, exclusive because they only have 37 overwater villas and 6 beach villas on the island. We were greeted by the resort staff at the seaplane dock and after a short boat ride we disembarked at the jetty and were greeted by the resort manager – Günther.

Once we were at the reception area, we were told that with the soft powdered sand on the island, we could leave our shoes behind and walk barefooted everywhere and only need them when we were leaving! Sounds wonderful isn’t it? =)

Mirihi Island Holiday_03

Although we planned to enjoy sunset views at the Muraka Restaurant (housed in an overwater structure) before our dinner, it was unfortunate that the weather for the day wasn’t optimal. However we were really impressed with the fusion cuisines served and had an amazing meal under the stars from the deck once the sky turned dark.

For a start, the interesting bread condiment impressed me. Rather than the standard butter, they served the bread with olive oil along with a fragrant herb powder dip which was really addictive =)

Amouse bouche was a mini skewer with bacon and prawn, the first taste test on the freshness of ingredients used. It didn’t disappoint, prawn was succulent and juicy. Another reason why we chose Mirihi is their extensive wine list, hence we wouldn’t pass up the chance to taste some nice wines. For tonight’s dinner, we chose the 2010 Caves de Geneve “Le Savant” Sauvignon Gris Geneve (AOC) from Switzerland.

Mirihi Island_Muraka_01

The surprises just keep coming one after another. While we were still excited over the great start to our dinner, we were presented with the Signature Bento Box for Two Traditional Japanese bento box filled with scallops, Tuna Teriyaki, seared foie gras and Angus tartare. I did a double-take and had to confirm that I was indeed having Tuna because the texture tasted just like steak! Scallops were fresh and chewy while the foie gras were perfectly seared.

Being in a small island meant that there were many personal touch to it. Chef Felix came by to check-in with us to make sure that everything was fine before going back to check on the buffet restaurant.

Palate cleanser seems to be the “in-thing” in Maldives fine dining restaurants as we were offered Plum Sorbet before our main of Muraka Seafood Platter Tiger prawns, Red Snapper and reef fish filet, Maldivian lobster, scallop, squid & mussels, served with lemon risotto. With the generous food portion it was sufficient for us to share this main.

Mirihi Island_Muraka_02

Ended our lovely dinner with dessert of Toblerone mousse with sesame toffee.

Mirihi Island_Muraka_03

Other photos of the island:

Mirihi Island_Villa_01

When people heard I am visiting Maldives they always liked to ask if I staying in an overwater villa? Didn’t get to stay in one during my last trip 2 years ago, but finally checked into one this time round~

Naturally the balcony was where we spent most of our time when we are not in the ocean~

Mirihi Island_Villa_02

Despite being low tide and the sun is setting soon, we had to jump right into the sea to check out their house-reefs. Boy! I’m impressed by the variety of fishes here and the conditions of the corals!

Mirihi Island House Reef_01

I’m absolutely fascinated by the rich marine life and superb visibility…I chose Mirihi based on good reviews of their house-reefs and it didn’t disappoint!!!

Mirihi Island House Reef_02

Even got snarled at by a morey eel…actually took the photo by accident and I was in shock cos I didn’t noticed the eel was so close by, guessed I had invaded its territory by accident… See if you can spot it???

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