Muraka @ Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives (Part 2)

We returned to Muraka for dinner again the next day (instead of going for buffet dinner at the other restaurant). This time the weather was slightly better, at least good enough to see a glimpse of the setting sun with Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort in the horizon.

Mirihi Island Sunset_01

Unfortunately being in Maldives between the changing seasons (Nov is just the start of the dry season) meant that the weather is ever-changing. On one side we could see a rainbow emerging from the sea while within minutes the sun was being engulfed by the dark clouds on the other side.

Mirihi Island Sunset_02

Heavy shower followed shortly and we moved indoor for our dinner, so this time round we managed to take better photos of the food.

For tonight we chose to have the 2013 Domaine Gobelsburg Gruner Veltiner Niederosterreich (DAC) from Austria. Amazed that the resort have such a wide selection of wines.

Appetizer was lobster ravioli =) guess because they are having Lobster Dinner special for the night if we opted for the set meal, so we got ourselves a good starter.

Mirihi Island_Muraka_04

For mains we chose the Red Snapper crusted with Tiger Prawn basil sauce with sweet wine-macerated Goji berries, with pine nuts and vegetables and Crispy Duck Breast with tamarind and sweet basil peperonata, quinoa with mushrooms. Once again we were amazed that chef had incorporated Asian ingredients into the dishes and made them taste fantastic.

Other Photos of the Island:

Mirihi Island Sunrise_01

Only had 1 day of good sunrise view as the weather wasn’t as good as previous days. But we had plenty of good snorkelling~

Mirihi Island_House Reef_03

Saw a school of powder-blue surgeonfish!!! A huge variety of fishes can be seen around the island, here’s some caught on my camera such as lined surgeonfish, shark, pufferfish and the blue giant clam.

Mirihi Island_House Reef_04

Not forgetting the other inhabitants such as the fruit bat, we had fun trying to catch them in the iconic “Bat Man” logo when they took flight….didn’t manage a good shot though…

Mirihi Island_Wildlife_01a

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