Anba Bar @ Mirihi Island Resort

Other than breakfast which was served at the buffet restaurant, we had small meals at Anba Bar that offers bar snacks which were filling enough for us.

The cocktails were colourful and tasty. Watermelon & Lychee Lemonade Fresh watermelon and lychees mixed with Midori melon liquor, Russian Standard vodka, lime juice and soda and Mirihi Lemonade Muddled strawberries mixed with aged rum, strawberry and vanilla liquor, topped up with soda looks so tantalising with the blue ocean in the backdrop.

Mirihi Island_Anba Bar_01

Angus Beef Burger was huge although the fries were a tad soggy.

The bar also has the largest and most comprehensive collection of fine Rum in the Maldives available.

Mirihi Island_Anba Bar_02

We had our last glass of cocktail Male’ Sling Takamaka Bay white rum, lychees and lychee liqueur mixed with creme de cassis, lime juice and a dash of Grenadine and last meal in Mirihi before we bid goodbye to this paradise. The Chicken Wings cajun spiced, with sour cream and fries looked a bit brownish but taste wise was still nice. Amongst the 3 eating places on the island, only the Muraka restaurant impressed us. The breakfast spread at Dhonveli didn’t quite match our taste, although the fresh honey caught my attention. Look at the fresh honey flowing from the honeycomb~

Mirihi Island_Fresh Honey

Overall it was a wonderful stay at Mirihi with its rich marine life and amazing house reefs. When bidding goodbye, the resort manager Günther was inviting us to return for future visits, to which I replied “I’ve not seen the turtles here, so that’s a reason for me to come back~” =)Mirihi Island_Villa_03

I’ll miss the soft powdery sand and the fantastic overwater villas! Mirihi Island Holiday_05

On clear nights, the stars are clearly visible even on days with a near full moon.Mirihi Island Holiday_04

Time to board our sea-plane and we were happy to spot a rainbow bidding goodbye to us~Mirihi Island Holiday_07

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