Senmi Sushi (Emporium Shokuhin)

Was in City Hall doing some Xmas shopping and ended up in Marina Square. When I was about to leave, a heavy downpour caused me to be trapped in the mall. Although I just visited Emporium Shokuhin yesterday for Tsukeru Shabu-Shabu, I decided to try another eatery – Senmi Sushi, today.

For appetizer we had the Kappa Furikake ($6.80) which came in a generous portion. However I still prefer the version at Ippudo called Goma-Q – oddly I haven’t posted a photo of it on my blog…though that’s one of my fav dish at Ippudo.

Senmi Sushi_01

The Super Bluefin Tuna Maki with tuna, ebiko and uni ($22) looked gorgeous and tasted yummy. Chirashi Don is available in 2 sizes the normal one at $19 and a giant one at $34. I had the normal one but it has too much of the marinate gravy on the rice, which was a tad too savoury. The fish didn’t taste exceptionally fresh.

Guess I wouldn’t make a trip down to Emporium Shokuhin specially for dinner thou its a good place that offers plenty of choices for folks working in the vicinity.

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