Roots Kitchen & Bar

Finally got the chance to visit a new place during lunch – Roots Kitchen & Bar.  The place has been in my list of “new lunch spots to explore” list for quite a while. Glad that we visited them near Christmas as the X’mas tree decor and the tiled wall made this place looked superbly cosy from the moment we entered the eatery.

However it would be better if the lighting can be a tad brighter as it was kinda dim if you sat deeper into the longish shophouse unit.

Roots Kitchen & Bar_01

Had the Egg & Truffle Mousseline topped with Caviar as a small starter to go along with my Pig & Eggs Pulled pork, sauteed onion, mushroom, fresh basil and cheese omelette from the Brunch menu. the chilled egg & truffle mousseline was smooth with subtle truffle aroma. At $4 each, it might sound a bit steep for an egg, but it’s a small price to pay to feel like a “tai-tai” enjoying an indulgent and delicately-made high-tea item? =P

After having a heavy breakfast, the omelette was sufficiently filling for my lunch. The omelette was soft and custard-like with the ingredients well-wrapped inside.

The Banana-Bailey Bread & butter pudding of bananas, walnut, nutella and creamy bailey caught the attention of my jie-mei, but we were too full to end our meal with the dessert. Perhaps we will revisit for a proper meal in the near future.

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