Had been wanting to check out Vasco for quite a while but since they are mainly a cocktail bar with minimal food, it makes it slightly difficult for me to visit since it meant that we probably need to make plans for a proper meal after that.

Ordered the Girl from Ipanema Cachaca, passionfruit, lime, brazil nut ($23) and Hand of God Fernet, burnt pineapple, mate tea, lemon ($22). I personally preferred the Hand of God which is less sourish and less fruity compared to the other. Perhaps it was the earthy, grassy taste of mate tea flavour which I liked.


Prawn Skewers Aji amarillo, courgette ($26) had fresh and chewy meat. Salmon Ceviche Tigers milk, jalapeno, tomato ($22) had rather small cuts of salmon though the marinate was pretty tasty. Finally the Meat Balls tomato, cheese, tortillas ($26) which was the most filling dish we chose.

Enjoyed the drinks here but will probably eat elsewhere.

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