Yechun Teahouse, Singapore [Closed]

Tried the newly opened outlet of Yechun Teahouse, Singapore in Chinatown Point. They supposedly features delicacies from Yang Zhou, China – something that we aren’t familiar with except for dumplings.

Ordered Jelly Fish with Scallion Oil as appetizer, Spring Bean with Pork Chilli and Fried Yang Zhou Noodle as main. The jelly fish was kinda bland as we are used to the seasoned type whereas this one is simply coated with scallion oil. Spring Bean was pretty savoury with slight spiciness. Fried Yang Zhou Noodle was a tad oily though was one of the best item amongst what I had tasted here.

Yechun Teahouse Singapore_01

The Xiao Long Bao and signature Pork Crab Dumpling were served last after freshly steamed. There was abundance of soup in the Pork Crab Dumpling such that we were given a straw to slurp the stock, though one must be mindful that it is extremely hot!

The skin of the Pork Crab Dumpling was sadly kinda tough and thick… We were able to taste the flavour of the soup only after it cooled down slightly.

Not an exciting find for me…

133 New Bridge Road
#01-44 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413

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