Haha Thai [Closed]

Arrived at Takashimaya Shopping Centre at an odd timing for a meal as some of the eateries were closed for their afternoon break…Managed to find Haha Thai that remained opened during the lull times.

Other than the standard items of Tom Yum Talay Soup ($9.80) and Pineapple Fried Rice($10.80), we also tried the Crispy Egg Floss Omelette ($11.80) and Lemon Steam Squid ($14.80).

First tried something similar to the Lemon Steam Squid in Phuket (The Crab’s House) and was hoping that the version here would taste just as good. However the sauce here turned out to be milder and the squid was kinda tough…Had a hard time chewing it…

Haha Thai_01

The Crispy Egg Floss Omelette was nicely fried, really addictive and we managed to finish it although it seemed like a huge pile for 2 pax. This dish might also seems costly considering that it cost $11.80 for an egg dish…some fried fish noodles stalls sells them as side dish for a much lower cost…

The place serve decent thai food but nothing fantastic.

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