PasarBella @ Suntec

PasarBella finally opened an outlet near town, which is much more accessible for me~ By the time I got down to write this post, I’ve already visited them twice.

First visit was for dinner and I tried 2 stalls – Cajun on Wheels and WOLF Burgers. Mixed Seafood Ocean Box from Cajun on Wheels is available with choice of sauces and I opted for Salted Egg Yolk. Choice of 2 sides from variety of 6 (i think), unfortunately both my original choices aren’t available…Guess I chose the most popular ones? So I’m left with Cheese Fries and Corn.

The seafood drenched with salted egg yolk tend to be more soggy at the bottom, not sure if we could ask them to keep the sauce separate?

The highlight of my dinner got to be the Wolf Burger ($9.90) that was superb! The beef patty was nicely cooked to medium rare, tender & juicy. Bun was soft and fresh. Given its affordable pricing of $9.90, it’s a burger that gives you more value than what you are paying for.

PasarBella Suntec_01

Second visit was for lunch. Tried the rolls from Rollie OlieSunkissed Salmon ($16.95) and Dos Amigos ($14.95). The rolls were huge and absolutely pretty and filling. There’s also a Sarnies cafe inside PasarBella, offering good caffeine fix. We snagged seats with lovely tiled tabletop =)

PasarBella Suntec_02

Finally I have one reason to visit Suntec for my meal.

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