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The curse of January has hit me again…somehow January always end up being the month with the lowest number of posts…as work seems to flood my office inbox like tsunami…too busy to explore new eateries…too busy to catch up with blogging…

Visited Kite along Craig road for a light dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the fusion tapas dishes and cocktails available.

Started our night with a very Singapore-ish sounding cocktail of Who Moved my Kueh?  featuring pandan vodka which made it very Asian.   At first slurp, we could only taste the zesty passion fruit and lime, however the “pandan” flavour magically lingered on our palate after the drink passes our throat, leaving behind a mild aromatic aftertaste. The other drink we ordered – For Goodness Sake playfully incorporates the type of base alcohol used for the drink in its name. The Japanese influenced cocktail even lists Shoyu as one of the ingredients. The drink came in a pretty teacup on a Japanese serving tray and comes with a palate cleanser that has lemon juice transformed through spherification.

Impressed with the earlier cocktails, we had a third one named Lychee Jubilee.  Although this one wasn’t as interesting as the first two, at least we were happy with the Lychee caviar which came with the drink~


As for the food, the menu is divided into Snacks, Small Bowls, Small Plates and Sweets. We picked Chicken Skins Bourbon Glaze & Juniper from the snacks category. I think the last time I had something similar was at Restaurant Andre, so I’m happy to be able to have the paper thin crispy chicken skins here.

Somen Lap Cheong Oil & Prawns was also one of the dishes which I am looking forward to try. The fragrant lap cheong oil coating the fine somen was kinda addictive. With it being a small plate, I wished they could have it in upsized portion too!


“Dirty Vegetables” Asparagus, Carrots, Brown Butter & Coffee was supposed to look like the vegetables are still covered in soil. The crunchy asparagus pairs well with the nutty, buttery brown butter with a hint of coffee taste.

The two small plates we chose were: Salmon 42Deg Seaweed, apples & sesame and Black Spanish Pig Chestnuts, walnuts, apple & plum. The medium-rare salmon had a almost melt-in-your-mouth texture which was heavenly. The black spanish pig was succulent with a chewy texture.

Ended with dessert of S’mores Brown Butter Marshmallow, Hazelnut Praline, Wheat Crackers & Warm Chocolate.

For those working nearby, it’s certainly worth it to drop by for lunch where 3 dishes goes for $25 nett and includes choice of coffee or tea.

While for me, its not only the nice dishes that will lure me back, its also the excellent cocktails =)

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