Bridge Restaurant & Bar

Tried another restaurant along Seah Street, this time round was Bridge Restaurant. Heard that this place is very popular for their brunch but decided to try their dinner since I’m around the area.

Wanted to order a cocktail from their speciality menu but was told the bartender for the specialty drinks is not in yet. Guess we are too early for drinks? Haha. But they still have the normal cocktails, so we had the Sangria.

Bridge Restaurant_01

Enjoyed the 2 types of butter served with the bread, one of which had a caramel (i think) taste. Although they have a $58 4-course set dinner, we decided to go ala-carte since we were only having a light meal.

Only chose 1 main Forest Alba truffle slices, mascarpone risotto, shimiji mushrooms along with 2 starters to share. Risotto was generously covered with truffle shavings and the dish was creamy and rich.

Bridge Restaurant_02

Starters were Octopus thinly sliced, kombu, frisee salad, shallot chutney, sorbet and the XL Scallop pan seared, spinach, corn puree, swede from the Teaser section. I absolutely loved the flavours of the refreshing citrusy Octopus dish, although the octopus could be softer and less “rubbery”. The scallops were well-seared though they aren’t exactly XL sized.

Perhaps having visited a few other restaurants of similar vibe/genre in the area, while the overall meal at Bridges was good it didn’t stand out. It just seem to be one of the many others in the area finding a middle ground between eateries that offer value-for-money and the high-end dining restaurants.

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