National Kitchen by Violet Oon at National Gallery

Glad to have Violet Oon’s Kitchen housed in National Art Gallery building as it is certainly a more accessible location for me than the Bukit Timah branch. However it was a slight challenge to locate the right door to the restaurant. After walking pass a few doors which were closed and pasted with a notice that re-direct us to one of the two entrances, we finally found a side door that leads to the restaurant. Once inside the restaurant, it felt as if we had entered a British pub but adorned with many pretty Peranakan-styled tiles.

Violet Oon Kitchen_01

It took us quite a while to decide on the items as it is certainly better to come in larger group so that one could try more dishes in 1 seating.

Ordered a pickle as appetizers. I’ve always liked the sweet yet spicy taste of Achar, so I chose the Pineapple Patcheree Pineapples, raisins, chillies and yoghurt in a sweet sour spiced gravy of turmeric, ginger, garlic and shallots infused with the perfume of curry leaves.

Would love to try the Kiam Chye Ark Thng (Soup of duck and salted mustard greens) as this was a familiar dish that my mum used to cook for us. It’s one of my dad’s favourite soup. However had to save some space to try other dishes and gave this a miss.

From the starters, we chose one of the iconic dishes of Singapore – Satay Grilled chicken marinated in spices and served with a spicy peanut sauce topped with grated pineapple, steamed rice cake, cucumber and red onion. Judging from the description that the peanut sauce would be topped with grated pineapple, it gives me confidence that they will get this dish right. Many of the stalls selling satay nowadays do not add grated pineapple to the gravy anymore. Although it seems to be a minor ingredient, it’s the little extra that made it taste extraordinary. =)

Violet Oon Kitchen_02

Reading through the meanu, I was tempted to order the Hakka Abacus Beads. It is my mum’s favourite dish (she’s a Hakka) and she used to make them with my aunties and grandma…She once commented that it’s difficult to find quality abacus beads which uses pure taro. So I would like to try the version here and bring her along if the ones served here are authentic enough.

However considering that the abacus beads can be pretty filling for 2 pax, we ended up with Dry Laksa Fresh rice noodles tossed in  Violet’s laksa gravy topped with prawns, tau pok and bean sprouts. The dry laksa was done perfectly and slightly moist.

Violet Oon Kitchen_03

The final dish we had was Udang Goreng Chilli Angka prawns tossed in spicy fragrant chilli padi garlic rempah. This fiery chilli prawns goes really well with rice and the prawns used were pretty fresh.

Originally we planned to order a dessert to share, but decided we were too full to try any. Guess I’ll have to wait till my next visit to try the other dishes.

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