Ginza Kuroson (Ngee Ann City)

With this post, I managed to break my all-time-low record of 4 posts for the month of January…

This was my 2nd attempt to visit Ginza Kuroson (Ngee Ann City) – they were closed for afternoon break on my 1st attempt about 1 month ago. Actually the Ngee Ann City outlet is their new branch, their original store was at Robertson Quay. Hmm…somehow I hadn’t visited them when I used to hang around that area…

Made it for dinner this time round and ordered their set meal. Greeted by the nicely folded napkin on the table =)

Ginza Kuroson_01

Chose to try their multi-tiered “Ojyu” set which comes with appetizer, pickles, salad, Chawamushi, miso soup and dessert. Price of the Ojyu set ranges from $45 to $68.

We had the Hokkaido Hoseki Jyu A gorgeous box of sushi rice topped with various fish made from Hokkaido and Wagyu/ A5 Sirloin Steak Jyu A gorgeous box of rice topped with grilled Wagyu / A5 Sirloin Steak both priced at $68.

Ginza Kuroson_02

The pinkish centre well-seared Wagyu had excellent texture with the wonderfully marbled fats. Each slice was tender and juicy, almost melts in your mouth.

Below is the close-up shot of the Hokkaido Hoseki Jyu which had botan ebi, ikura, uni, maguro, salmon, scallops, squid etc.  Personally I think the wagyu rice is more worthy of trying since Hokkaido rice set are more commonly found in many other Jap restaurants.

Ginza Kuroson_03

Ended our meal with a simple chocolate pudding dessert.

I certainly enjoyed the high quality beef available here. Heard they have set lunch which is more affordable than dinner, so might be worth the effort to drop by for lunch if one is around the area.

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