Pastéis de Belém, Lisbon

After close to 1 day since we departed from Singapore’s Changi Airport, we finally arrived at our first culinary stop of our holiday~ We made a dash to the famed egg tart store in Lisbon – Pastéis de Belém, after checking in to our hotel in the old town area.

The best Portuguese egg tart I ever tried till now were the ones from Macau – Lord Stow’s Bakery during my trip in June last year. I was eager to try the authentic ones in Portugal with recipe created by two Catholic nuns in the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (just across the street from where the bakery is located)

Having read that there is always huge crowd gathering outside the store, I was pleasantly surprised to get a table without much problem. Shortly after we settled down at our table, the service staff in charge of the area where we were seated came to take our order. Perhaps we were lucky or because we got there at non-peak hour?

Pastéis de Belém_01

We were admiring the azulejos (elaborately-painted Portuguese tiles) on the walls when the heavenly egg tarts were served (€1.05 each). Look at the the golden brown crust along with the slightly charred dark brown layer! Don’t they look fabulous?

Holding them daintily using my fingers, I could feel they are fresh from the oven but not too hot to touch. One bite, I could hear the crispiness of the crust before I felt my mouth filled with the rich, smooth and creamy custard. I was amazed at how thin the crust holding the custard was, it’s possibly less than 1mm thick~

Still trying to overcome our jet lag, we didn’t have much appetite. Otherwise I swear I would have eaten at least half a dozen of them! The shop also sells them over the counter for takeaways and we contemplated buying some as snacks. Since our hotel room doesn’t have any microwave to heat them up, we gave it a miss.  In any case, these darlings are best to be eaten warm and fresh from the oven.

We were hugely satisfied with our first culinary highlight of our trip. From here, we went on to explore the other attractions in Belem area.

Other photos taken:


Located a stone’s throw away from our hotel in the old town area was the Santa Justa Elevator. Was slightly disappointed that 3/4 of the facade was covered with scaffolding for restoration work. It was nonetheless interesting to note that although the structure was built using iron, it was decorated with intricate Neo-gothic designs.


Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (top left) and Monument to the Discoveries are just a short walk away from the famed egg tart shop. Right beside the monument was a huge nautical map tiled on the ground, indicating the places conquered by Portugal’s explorers. Malacca in Malaysia had been a Portuguese colony for 130 years (1511–1641) as the Portuguese desire to gain control of the spice trade in the region.


Lastly the Belem Tower,  possibly Lisbon’s most iconic landmark. It is much smaller than I imagined it to be.

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