Chocolateria San Gines, Madrid 

After having the delicious bocadillos de calamar near Plaza Mayor, we took a short walk to the famous Chocolateria San Gines. It’s a stop not to be missed by fans of chocolate and churros.

A snaking line can be seen outside the shop when we arrived and we naturally joined the queue. While in the line, we observed how the place works and we realised that the queue was only to place our order. After payment, we were given an order ticket indicating our items. You’ll need to look for available seats before handing the order ticket to the staff servicing the area where you are seated for them to serve you the food.

Chocolateria San Gines_01

After lurking around for 10 mins for a table, we managed to get a seat in the cozy basement dining hall. The churros were served very quickly once we handed over the ticket to the staff. The sweet chocolate complements the slightly savoury and crispy churros very well. Once again, we were concerned with the “heatiness” of eating too much fried stuff and the chocolate. Only ordered 1 portion to share. I’m amazed to see the other customers slurp up every drop of the chocolate in the cup.

Spotted a “Wok to Walk” store in the vicinity of where we were staying. Decided to try the wok-fry noodles for simple dinner. They are a franchise chain selling customisable Asian noodles/rice. They started as a small restaurant in Amsterdam before expanding into chain stores in Europe. We bought 2 takeaways back to our hotel for supper and coincidentally the hotel which we were staying in had a magazine featuring Singapore. I guess the quality will vary depending on the skills of the cook at the particular chain. For ours it was not too bad, not too oily although slightly lacking in terms of the “wok-hei” and the sauces used are slightly lacking in flavours.

Wok to Walk_01

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  1. JK says:

    I ate that too!! When i was in London! Haha..

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