Restaurante Ramuntxo Berri, San Sebastián 

After a 3-day stay in Madrid, we took a 5.5 hours train ride to set up our base in San Sebastián for the next 2 days. As we visited during winter season, a few of the restaurants that we wanted to visit were closed. Hence after screening, we were left with two Michelin-starred restaurants in the region that we managed to secure a reservation.

Weather in San Sebastián was totally different from Madrid. In the summer, this coastal city’s urban beaches are one of the greatest attractions, touted to be one of the finest urban beaches in the world. However when we were there, the weather was unpredictable and erratic, compounded by unusually late start to winter season in Europe this year. A cold weather front came down south into Spain/France area, bringing much snowfall and joy to ski resort operators. While we were happy to know that we will be getting thick and fresh snowfall when we head for our ski holidays after our Spain trip, we were faced with a wet and stormy weather in San Sebastián. It rained everyday and almost for the entire 2 days while we were in San Sebastián

After checking in to our room in the Gros area, we took a short walk to Restaurante Ramuntxo Berri to try some pintxos for lunch as we were at least 6 hours away from our dinner scheduled at 9pm.

Restaurante Ramuntxo Berri_01

What I liked about eating pintxos is they are all in bite-size portion and therefore we can get to eat a great variety!

Had the delicious Crab au gratin which was rich and creamy and Mushroom croquette. Look at the beautifully shaved Iberian ham (half portion)!

Restaurante Ramuntxo Berri_02

Ordered a signature dish at the restaurant – Grilled foie with apple and onion poached. This just cost €3.90! Lastly Scallops with coriander and lime dressing which was ultra fresh and savoury.  I’m certainly impressed by the quality of pintxos at this small establishment. It was a value-for-money and satisfying meal. This is a good start to our foodie stopover in San Sebastián.

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