Tapas 24, Barcelona

Finally arrived in Barcelona in the late afternoon after a 6 hours train ride from San Sebastian. After checking in to our hotel, the first thing on our minds was to grab some light bites to fill our stomachs. We decided to try our luck at one of the tapas place whose name often pops up during our internet search for good tapas eateries – Tapas 24. The place is run by the chef of the now-defunct Comerç 24 (a one Michelin star restaurant). The hole-in-the-wall eatery is a short walk away from where we were staying and since we were having an ultra late lunch (almost tea time), we reckoned there might not be a queue. Word has it that one has to be prepared to wait to eat in the compact eatery in the basement.

Thankfully there was only 1 person in the queue when we arrived and we got our seats after a relatively short wait. Selected a few tapas items based on our own preference including the La Bomba de la Barceloneta – potato and minced meat with spicy sauce, Iberian ham croquett and Roasted chicken croquett.  

The star items had to be the McFoie-Burger and Bikini (toasted ham and cheese sandwich) which are on my must-eat list. The much-celebrated McFoie Burger (in top row extreme right) was simply extraordinary. Sandwiched between the toasted buns were medium to medium rare prime meat and paired with a rich and creamy foie gras dipping sauce. Although this seems rather pricey at €9.50 for the 2 small bite-size portion, it’s worthy of every single penny.


Bikini warm sandwich with black truffles, cured Iberian ham and buffala mozzallera didn’t disappoint too! At €8.90, it is slightly cheaper than the McFoie-Burger, and more filling on the stomach. The price is justified with the use of premium ingredients such as the slices of Iberian ham and mozzallera made from the milk of domestic Italian water buffalo.

We told the staff that we would like to try some Gambes (prawns) and he recommended us the Deep Fried Prawns €19 from the “Suggestion” chalkboard. When it was first served to us, I only ate the “body” portion as I grew up being taught that we should not eat the “head” as its where the intestines are…But for the first time in my life, I ate the prawn heads cos the crunchy parts were simply too good to be wasted!

Dessert of xocolata amb pa, sal i oli (chocolate, bread, salt and oil) was another highly faved about item that we can’t leave without trying it. Have you ever thought that chocolate can be eaten with olive oil? It’s possible if you have it at Tapas 24! Look at the lovely chocolate quenelle sitting over the thin layer of olive oil topped with a slice of toast which made them looked like sails floating over the ocean.


First meal in Barcelona and we felt as if we’ve hit the jackpot. Considering we had 2 days of michelin meals and were still feeling the excitement of eating in this tapas place, the quality here must be of high standards. Hope we will be on a roll and the rest of the eateries that we had shortlisted in Barcelona will be equally delightful.

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