Cerveceria Catalana, Barcelona

Did a bit of city sightseeing for our first day in Barcelona. Most shops were closed in the afternoon and it’s a weird sight to see shops having their rollers down on a weekday afternoon because of siesta…The only shopping mall that stayed open was Maremagnum. We spent the evening covering La Rambla area and only decided to go for dinner around 8pm since the locals tend to have late dinners. When we arrived at Cerveceria Catalana – a tapas beer hall which is near where we were staying, the place was absolutely packed to the brim! We had to squeeze our way in to the reception to leave our names and were advised that our seating will be in 2 hours’ time…Thankfully we weren’t hungry and were able to make use of the time to see some of Gaudi’s buildings lit up at night, both Casa Batllo and La Pedrera are a stone’s throw away. We even managed to take a rest back at the hotel before going out for our “supper”. Although there was a strong inertia not to go out again once we were back in our cozy room but lure of fabulous tapas makes it a compelling pull factor.

First up, we had a jug of Red Sangria €10.60 to quench our thirst…although we had our fair share of wines, this was our first Sangria in Spain! They were pretty generous with the proportion of red wine…unlike those in Singapore which were pretty diluted.

Ordered 2 prawn skewers €8.20, a calamari €6.95 and fried hot green peppers€4.90. Actually we wanted to order the Baby Squids but they were not available.

Cerveceria Catalana_01

While the prawns were nice but we were, once again, impressed by the outstanding quality of calamaris in Spain (first time being in Madrid). They were absolutely chewy yet not rubbery. Fried hot green peppers was undeniably our best tapas find here. We had finished our 1st sangria but in order not to let the addictive savoury peppers go to waste, we ordered 1 more jug of Sangria – this time round Cava Sangria €11.60, so as to finish up the dish. Haven’t tried Cava Sangria before, they were slightly more fruity than Red Sangria and a lot more gassy. This will be a better choice for people with sweet tooth compared to the Red Sangria.

Grilled mushroom and asparagus €5.50 and Patatas bravas (potatoes) €4.25 were nice but standard dishes.

Cerveceria Catalana_02

We ended our meal with a Crema Catalana €3.85, to put it simply it’s Spanish version of Creme Brulee. Of cos some discerning foodies will tell you that there is a difference between the two.

While I wouldn’t say the tapas here are mind-blowing. They are pretty good and affordable, offering pretty standard no-frills tapas. Guess the attraction of this place lies in the lively atmosphere and ambience, a cosy place for locals and tourists to hang out. We didn’t mind the wait since we weren’t rushing for time, but if you are tight on schedule – don’t bother to spend more than 30 mins waiting for a table. But you have to try the wonderful Sangrias! Perhaps try to get a seat at the bar to save some time.

Or head over to Ciudad Comtal (by the same group) which is a short walk away and they served the same menu. My personal experience was that the food at Ciudad Comtal was better executed (I’ll be sharing my experience there in my future post).

Other Photos Taken:


(on left) Placa Reial, one of Barcelona’s prettiest plaza because of the palm trees (on right) Mirador de Colom, Columbus monument.


Spotted a Nespresso with a Gaudi-inspired capsule design on display. We were pretty lucky to run into a lights festival happening at La Pedrera.

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