Taller De Tapas, Barcelona

Sundays are extremely boring in Barcelona for visitors… Shops closed, eateries too, attractions are packed, visitors strolling down the streets mindlessly… We discovered the work-life balance culture in Spain in time to make plans for reasonable use of our Sunday here. Visit to Park Guell in early morning, followed by a trip to the Outlet Village in the afternoon and an epic Barcelona FC match at night!

We returned back to our hotel area closed to midnight after surviving the massive human traffic to enter and board the metro that was literally packed like sardine after the match ended. We made a quick dash to a nearby tapas place to grab some supper – Taller De Tapas. We had researched and recceed the area near our hotel for quality tapas options so as to always know the alternatives available. Barely made it before they closed but we’re told that only the cold pintxos from the display counter are left as the kitchen has closed for the day.

Picked a few of the pintxos to fill our hunger along with 2 wines. This was the first time we had pintxo in Spain cos we were too occupied with michelin meals and didn’t have the capacity to visit the pintxo bars in San Sebastián.

Taller de Tapas_01

We were in such a hurry that I didn’t had time to note down what we ordered but I do remember that the anchovy pintxos were quite tasty. The others were also pretty good, fresh cos the toast was still easy to chew.

But on a chilly night, we would prefer to have some hot dishes…hence after finishing the pintxos we decided to try our luck at another tapas place nearby. It’s operated by the same group that run Cervicera Catalana (the one that we visited earlier) so even if the kitchen is closed we wouldn’t mind having some of their fabulous Sangria.

Other photos taken earlier:


Visit to Park Guell early morning. Be sure to arrive once it opens to beat the hoards of tour group visitors for a photo with the iconic lizard. The paid monument zone was much smaller than I expected it to be although the whole park (including the free access zone) is pretty big.


Fantastic match at Nou Camp with Barcelona’s epic 6-1 win.


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