Ciudad Comtal, Barcelona

From afar when we saw that the lights from Ciudad Comtal are still bright in the restaurant, both of us quickened our footsteps. Afraid that we would miss the kitchen operating hours again, we hurriedly dashed towards the place. After pushing through the entrance door, we saw a short queue of people waiting in line. Although we were slightly relieved by the sight, we were still unsure if the kitchen is still operating. In the past we had experienced visiting pubs in UK whereby the bars are opened till late but their kitchens closed by 9.30pm…

Finally when the service staff attended to us, he gave us the  affirmative answer we were looking for! Yippee finally we can enjoy some hot food after braving the cold wind at the stadium while watching the highly entertaining match.

Ciudad Comtal_01

Here’s the spread of scrumptious hot food. Succulent and savoury Razor clams €8.90 were recommended by the friendly service staff who is from Philippines. Kudos for the great suggestion! It was really fresh and good!

We were hoping to try Gambas al ajillo in Spain but they don’t have it here and we had the Gambas rojas a la planch (grilled prawns) €9.75 which had firm and sweet flesh.

The helpful staff also recommended a few other dishes but we told him we had them at Cerveceria Catalana just 2 days ago. Ciudad Comtal belongs to the same group, so we wanted to try other dishes that are new to us.

Another excellent dish recommended to us was Baked red peppers filled with cod puree €4.10. Red pepper was covered with a layer of lightly browned rich and creamy cheese.

Ciudad Comtal_02

Juicy Beef tenderloins are a steal at €4.25 for each piece. Ending our meal with a rich chocolate cake.

Not sure if its because we visited them at the not-so-peak hour, in fact after being seated for 30 mins the kitchen was closing…I enjoyed the dining environment here much more than at Cerveceria Catalana. The staff here are also a lot friendlier and helpful, whereas the staff at Cerveceria Catalana seemed to be under pressure to serve a packed crowd and wasn’t as attentive. I also felt that the quality of food at Ciudad Comtal was slightly better executed and refined.

A wonderful meal before we head over to Andorra for the next leg of our trip.

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