★ Tickets, Barcelona

After 5 days in Andorra, we bid goodbye to the snow capped mountains =( and made our way back to Barcelona. For our last night in Barcelona before we return home, we secured seats at Tickets – a one-Michelin star restaurant (actually its more like a casual bar) and ranked #42 in the World’s Best Restaurant 2015.

Next to the entrance is a decorative box office window that resembles that of stereotypical Broadway theaters. The visually impactful and theatrical theme sets the tone for tonight’s dinner.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_01

For a one-Michelin star establishment, the ambience and setting here was one of the most lively one that we ever been to, other than Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong which is casual and noisy just like any neighborhood tea house. We were shown to our counter seats and presented with the menu which has a cover filled with bright and colourful drawings.

The staff then explained to us that we could either go ala carte or go for a menu whereby the staff will decide the dishes for us. Since we already had in mind what dishes we want, we opted for the ala carte option.

Top to-eat item on our list had to be the Legen-wait for it-Dary OLIVES!! With El bulli closed, this is probably the only place to taste the original version of Olives made using reverse spherification technique invented by Ferran Adria.

Had olives made using the same techniques at Mini Bar by José Avillez, Lisbon and the version in Tickets had a more intense flavour and leaves a longer lingering aftertaste.

Nashi pear infused in Sake and Saint Germain was a cold and refreshing snack.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_02

Spider Tuna Tartar with sea urchin and yuzu  featured fresh seafood with the distinctively Japanese citrus fruit. And another Japanese-inspired food on the menu was Tuna Crunchy Niguiri. If you take a closer look at it, the white coloured portion is not sushi rice but a light crispy meringue, giving traditional sushi an interesting twist.

Cocktails of Pink Flamingo and Romero & Juliet 

Tickets Bar Barcelona_03

Hot and Cold Eel Duo was served on a bamboo sheet and comes with a glass of hot ocha (green tea). One had lovely crisp skin while the other was wrapped with ultra thin slices of avocado.

Oysters Oyster with sea urchin, Oyster with ponzu sauce and salmon roe and Oyster with red wine vinaigrette and tarragon. We chose these 3 oyster styles from the total of 6 options available cos they are served using ingredients representative of different cultures: Galicia, Tokyo and Paris.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_04

White Clam with duck sauce and cinnamon oil was an intriguing dish as the duck sauce absolutely reminded us of Braised duck gravy back in Singapore! Couldn’t imagine that clams tasted so well when cooked with braised sauce.

Crunchy Octopus is a much instagrammed dish from Tickets. Chewy tentacle with crispy crumbs created much contrast in texture.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_05

However I couldn’t understand why the Jap-styled cucumber in pickled sauce was served together with this dish. The tartness of the pickled sauce was slightly too sharp to go with the mild octopus.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_05a

I guess no explanation needed on why we chose the next dish – Chili King Crab with giant grapefruit a dish that is probably Singapore-inspired? The version served here is more sour than sweet and totally non-spicy at all.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_05b

That was round 1 of our orders and we assessed that we could take in a few more dishes, so we picked out a few other dishes to try. Starting with Chicken Roast Canape with its Consome which was served in an English teacup came with a “teabag” of consome.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_06

Crunchy Pizza with Stracciatella was chosen after we noticed that it was a rather popular item. The paper thin “pizza” cracker dotted with basil, olive oil to be eaten after adding a spoonful of buffalo cheese on it.

Basil Air Waffle was presented in a mini basket and at first glance it looked just like the pandan waffles we often see in confectionery around Singapore. However other than the looks the other properties are totally different. Instead of a sweet waffle that we were expecting, this turned out to be savoury. It is also light and crusty unlike the denser spongy versions commonly found in Singapore.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_07

While we saw that some guests were brought to another room for desserts, we weren’t offered that option. We had our desserts at where we were seated so we didn’t see the whimsical room that was described as a mixture of “Willy Wonky” and “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

Tickets Bar Barcelona_08

From the scroll printed with their dessert list we chose the Tatin cone with apple, vanilla and toffee and The Rose, lychee and raspberry sphere, with a rosewater gelatine.  I think I would probably try a few more desserts if we had the chance to end our meal in the so-called dessert room. Girls tend to be attracted to over-the-top dreamy decors, so that may lure me to order more desserts so as to stay in the room longer~

Finished our meal after 3-hours at the restaurant, in fact the staff were already seen to be cleaning their own counters. Bill came in a tin box and this also marked the end of our trip…

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