Shinkansen [Closed]

Still trying to detox by eating healthily after all the degustation meals in Europe… Chose to order Japanese-style protein meals from Shinkansen. Not only because it’s healthy but also because with the scorching weather it’s nice to eat some cool Soba. Ordered the Okayama maple & genmaicha Cured Salmon, onsen egg, steamed broccoli, sweet corn, baby spinach, romaine and butterhead lettuce, soba noodles and wafu dressing. The wafu dressing was pretty tasty, the veg used were also all very fresh. The portion was also rather filling.


I’m so in love with the Shinkansen’s light and filing meals that I ordered from them again before writing this post. This time I ordered the Mie yakiniku Steak, sweet corn, toasted walnuts, plum momotaro tomato, baby spinach, romaine and butterhead lettuce, cherry tomato, and whole grain miso honey mustard and a Miso Soup. I found the steak slightly “powdery” and not as juicy as I would like it to be. Other than that the other items were pretty fresh, great salad dressing too. The miso soup was packed with a lot of radish, carrots and bits of salmon inside.


I’m really envious of folks working in CBD area whereby there’s plenty of such healthier meal choice available….

Can’t wait to customise my own bowl next time! They have a great choices of salad sauces which I think would suit my tastebuds such as Yuzu Mayo, Sesame Onion, Sesame Plum, Sweet Thai Chilli (I wonder how this will go with salad?).

Also can’t wait for Grain Traders to open in 100AM soon.

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2 Responses to Shinkansen [Closed]

  1. Shinkansen says:

    Hi, thanks for checking out Shinkansen! We’ve just changed our beef to fantastic ribeye slices (as of yesterday, April 27), so do try out the Shin Kobe again! We think you’ll be pleased with our new beef. Cheers!

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