Our visit to Kajiken was simply because we were pretty hungry and couldn’t afford to queue for the famous Tendon nearby. Even at 9+pm, there was still a queue to get into the ever popular eatery. So we decided to try this new small Japanese eatery serving Mazesoba.

Haven’t heard of what’s Mazesoba and only knew that its dry ramen based on the display board outside the shop. However I fell in love with this quick serve noodle dish and has since revisited them again before I had time to write this post!

There are only a few options available, with the same noodle base but with different toppings. We ordered the one with ALL toppings – hence we had the onsen egg, char siew, braised pork and deep fried chicken all in the bowl.


Instructions on how to eat this is simple: Mix the ingredients for 20 seconds when it was served, add vinegar and chilli oil for extra flavouring.

So next time if you see snaking queues and can’t afford to wait for a table in the other Japanese eateries nearby, why not give Mazesoba a try? You might fall in love with it just like I did~ Given the hot weather spell recently, it’s more comfortable eating dry ramen compared to the soup versions.

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