999.99 – FIVE NINES

999.99 Five Nines is one of the newer openings along Keong Saik road which is slowly getting more hippy.  One thing that caught my attention was the rather pocket-friendly pricing. We had the Oyster Ajillo ($9) and King Crab Croquettes ($9) as starters. The oysters were plump and juicy, taste fresh as well. King Crab croquettes were freshly fried with crispy crumb batter.

Five Nines_01

Ordered the Lobster Gratin as we thought it was really a steal at $26, we were pleasantly surprised to find out when our bill came that we were amongst the first 20 diners to order the dish and it was therefore charged at $19! Admittedly it wasn’t that huge but we were satisfied with being able to enjoy rather affordable lobster meat.

Chilled Caviar Cappellini with Truffle Oil $19 was also rather affordable granted that there was a spoonful of caviar topping the dish. The pasta was al-dente and nicely done.

Five Nines_02

Tiger Prawn Risotto $22 was slightly disappointing due to its portion. Just didn’t seem as value-for-money as the other items we ordered.

Ending our meal with Lemon Granita & Mango Panna Cotta $8 which was refreshingly sweet.

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