Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle

Having been to Bangkok a few times but hadn’t got the chance to try the Thai Boat Noodles there. Chanced upon Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle which opened a new outlet in Sim Lim Square (original in Golden Mile Complex).

At the time of writing this post, I had visited them twice. Tried the Beef Noodle on my first visit and the Braised Duck Noodle.

The Beef Noodle is customisable as they allow customer to (i) choose the type of noodles, but for me the choice is clear: it had to be the classic rice noodles (ii) spiciness level (staff warned that the normal level can be too spicy for some folks, better to start with the mild). I ordered the normal level while my other lunch khaki ordered the mild level. We were thinking that we could “mix” the 2 to balance out the spiciness if it turned out to be too hot to handle.

Having tasted both the normal and mild, I would say the mild spiciness version allow one to better taste the flavour of the soup. The normal spiciness version sort of numbs your tongue such that you can’t taste the flavoursome soup. The beef was tender and well-braised.

Noodle Cafe Thai Boat Noodle_01

The Braised Duck Noodles was not as impressive as the beef noodle. The portion of shredded duck meat was slightly too little…

As the noodles weren’t that filling, on both occasions we went for post-meal desserts nearby.

Nonetheless having tried the tasty beef noodles here prompted me to try to visit a beef noodle stall the next time I’m in Bangkok. =)


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