Humpback opened quite a while back but when we passed by they were bustling with crowd and the place seemed packed. Was looking for a place for drink with a few sharing plates when the place popped up in my mind. So here we are gulping down fresh, plump and juicy oysters from America with our cocktails – Watermelon Sangria and Firedancer. Tried 3 types of oysters: hama hama, blue pool and eld inlet. Trying them together allowed us to make immediate comparison and it was clear that my favorite was the hama hama, followed by eld inlet.

The lighting condition was not ideal for photo-taking…hence the photos taken using my mobile phone were quite unflattering…


Honestly the oysters and cocktails were the highlight of the meal. The other dishes we tried were nice but nothing worth shouting for.

We tried several seafood items including Sea urchin cauliflower puree, chives, brioche Hamachi ceviche tiger’s milk, sweet potato, horseradish Savoury clams fregola, pork belly, clam broth and Lobster roll fish roe, yellow frisee, fries.


Amongst which, the more notable dish was the Lobster roll. However at $39, it seemed rather pricey for the size.

Nonetheless if you are looking for a place with great oysters and cocktails, Humpback will make a good choice.

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