Lobster King by Ramen Keisuke

My first attempt to visit Ramen Keisuke Lobster King was on a Friday at around 9pm. And the queue back then had snaked the front of the shop 3 times. We gave up on queuing as we couldn’t bear the hunger. On my second attempt the queue was much more bearable, we waited for 15 mins in line before getting a seat in the restaurant.

Other than ordering their ramen, we tried side dish of Prawn Gyozaย which was excellent. Each had a full length prawn wrapped in the thin gyoza skin, fried to a nice crisp on the outside.

Lobster King Ramen Keisuke _01

Although all the ramens at this outlet are served in Lobster broth, there are still a few variations available: Rich Soup, Clear Soup, Miso and Spicy Miso.

I tried the rich soup one with All toppings: Flavoured egg, Prawn wanton, Thick bamboo shoot, Deep fried prawn ball, Seaweed, Chicken chashu and Pork Chashu.

The rich soup was pretty thick but not “gluey” to the extend of Lor Mee kind of consistency. Although its lobster broth, it is definitely not like Lobster Bisque. However I do find the soup kinda jelat (over-cloying) when I was closed to finishing the bowl of noodles.

They used several new toppings not available at other stores. Some hits and some misses. The fried prawn balls disintegrated very quickly into minces…which was kinda disappointing. The Chicken chashu had a bit of “Shaoxing wine” (rice wine) taste in it and the texture of the meat seemed to have undergone some curing process. ย My favourite topping was the prawn wanton.

Lobster King Ramen Keisuke _02

Was glad that we didn’t queue more than half an hour to try the ramen here. I’m still more inclined to visit the Tonkotsu King store instead.

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