The Green Bucket

After trying a few healthier food choice eateries near my place, I was lamenting that there was lack of such options near my office when I discovered The Green Bucket. Although not exactly accessible to get there, I made an effort to pack back a lunch box from them on a hot afternoon. Being a tiny shop, there wasn’t any decent tables and chairs for customers to enjoy the meal there anyway. Most of the customers were also there to buy takeaway.

However what makes them attractive is their competitive pricing. Being in a “non-CBD” area, meant the prices has to be lower in order to attract nearby office workers to purchase such salads/grain meals. Afterall, we could easily opt to go to a nearby coffeeshop and have a decent meal for less than $5.

The Green Bucket boxes comes in 3 sizes: Small $6.90, Medium $7.90. Both comes with 1 Base + 1 Protein + 3 Toppings + 1 Dressing. The Large $9.90 comes with choice of 1 addition Protein. I ordered the Medium size along with Ribeye Steak that requires addition top-up of $1.50. The other protein options that doesn’t require top up includes Chicken with Herbs, Grilled Curry Chicken and Korean BBQ Chicken.

The Green Bucket_01

I was pretty pleased with the freshness of the vegs and dressing choices available. I certainly wouldn’t mind having such delicious yet healthy lunch if they were located in a more accessible location.

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