Captain K Seafood Tower

Despite all the K-pop/K-drama craze, I’m not exactly tempted to visit Korea (yet). However while watching some TV shows introducing Korea, this Seafood Tower dish caught my attention. I even tried asking my friends who are visiting Korea to try and see if its really nice since many people only eat KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) or Ginseng Chicken when visiting the Kimchi loving nation.

I’m certainly glad that I managed to try this stacked seafood dish in Singapore at Captain K Seafood Tower.  Walked in without making any reservation and was surprised to see that the place was packed! Eventually we left our names and were told to return in about 1.5 hours’ time. Thankfully we managed to keep ourselves occupied by having some pre-dinner drinks at the pub nearby.

By the time we returned at 9.30pm we waited about 10 mins for an available table and we were ready to feast! A word of warning though, you might be overwhelmed by the briny seafood smell when you first step into the place. Although I think my clothes didn’t smell as bad compared to dining at BBQ places.

Captain K Seafood Tower_01

The recommended number of tiers for 2 pax is 3 layers which comes with 2 levels of mixed seafood (5 varieties based on Chef’s selection) and at the bottom level is the soup base. Choice of soup base included Kombu Dashi, Lorean Kimchi and Premium Korean ginseng chicken (add on $15).

While waiting for the seafood stack to be served, we kept ourselves busy trying to taste the different condiments available for dipping/pairing the seafood with.

Now I shall introduce the seafood that came in our seafood stack starting from the top tier of Mussels & Clams. It was recommended to enjoy these delicious molluscs with the zesty Thai Green Chilli Sauce (this sauce was also my favourite among the condiments provided). The mussels and clams were quite fresh and they all popped open when it was served.

Captain K Seafood Tower_02

After finishing the top tier, the staff were quick to clear away the steamer and revealed the 2nd tier~ Yummy huge and succulent Scallops awaited us, along with Langoustines and Prawns. I enjoyed the scallops but not so for the crustaceans which weren’t as tasty and fresh as the shellfish. It was recommended to eat the prawns with the tangy Yuzu Deenjang Dip. This dip came in 2nd on my ranking of the condiments.

We added on a special ala-carte item – Snow Crab. This was pretty fresh too. The flesh was meaty and firm.

Captain K Seafood Tower_03

The final tier was the Kimchi Soup base that we had chosen. The soup had supposedly collected all the “seafood essence” that dripped down through the steamer from the layers above.  The soup came totally without any ingredient and you have to pay extra for the ingredients which are charged by the colour of the plate: Yellow/Orange/Red.

Being kiasu Singaporeans we picked out the ingredients to be added into the soup base even before the stacks arrived. This was because we heard the staff saying that they wouldn’t be replenishing the items anymore. We picked out the ramen, hot dogs, spam, crab sticks etc. the usual ones that always goes into typical Army Stew.

Superbly stuffed at the end of our meal but left feeling pretty satisfied. The scallops are a must-try if you ordering ala carte. =)

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