Chateau du Laos, Vientiane

Departing Singapore at 4pm and after spending 2 hours transiting in BKK airport, arrived in Vientiane late night.

The only dining options left opened are probably the pubs and drinking places. Stopped by to see That Dam (Black Stupa) and decided to have some light meal at Chateau du Laos just beside the roundabout.

Ordered the Beerlao and saw the server brought an ice bucket along. We thought they would chill the beer in the ice bucket, but to our surprise he served us the beer with ice cubes inside. The bottled beers weren’t chilled, perhaps that is why the local way of enjoying an ice cold beer is with ice cubes? Somehow this method made the beer rather bland…

Chateau du Laos_01

Simple grilled seafood and fried chicken. The price of food at this place is quite costly but beggars can’t be choosers. Wanted to get back to the hotel to rest before exploring the small capital town tomorrow.

Had delicious Mango Sticky Rice while transiting in BKK airport =)

Transit BKK_01

The neglected That Dam which was stripped of its golden coat due to war back in 1800s…

That Dam_01

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