Ray’s Grille Burgers & Mexican, Vientiane

We had wanted to visit Ray’s Grille Burgers & Mexican on the first day of my arrival, however due to some outdated information (it’s one of those rare occassion whereby we relied on a 3rd party info rather than checking from the owner’s facebook), we went to the old address – the building has been torn down. Found the new and correct address the next day and we decided to visit them for lunch. The key reason why we were so bent on wanting to try them was due to some reviews that said this place serves the best burger in Asia! Wow! That’s a huge compliment and we had to try it out ourselves.

Interestingly the grill was located at the shop front, this place reminded me of Singapore decades ago whereby the stalls used to be located at front of coffeeshops.  I felt that Vientiane was somewhat like Bali in the early days – when they weren’t swamped by tourists yet. Single lane streets, slow speed limit and tons of electrical cables lining the roads. The capital town of Laos is not as tourist packed as Luang Prabang (which is a world heritage town) and the attractions weren’t crowded.

Rays Grille_01

Ordered a Aussie Burger beef, beetroot, cheese and bacon topped with a fried egg at 52,000kip (US$6.50). Well the burger was good – it has a bit of the smokey flavour, the cheese was nice, the bacon was crispy, I wouldn’t declare it as the best burger in Asia…probably in Vientiane???

Although this place didn’t quite match our expectations, we still enjoyed the burger with the traditional frosted mug of Root Beer. It’s still a place worth visiting if you have craving for a decent burger. Oh, another point – you can pay using Kip/Thai Baht/US$. Although it is widely encouraged to use their national currency of Kip. We really ran out of the limited Kip we changed and had to pay using Thai Baht. Kip is hard to exchange outside of Laos…We had reserved our limited Kip to pay for the entrance tickets at various attractions sights  (I’m not sure if they accept other currency? even so, the entrance fee is so affordable that it is difficult to pay in other countries’ denomination…).

The only attraction left for me to visit on my list were That Luang and Patuxai which required us to hire either a car or a tuk-tuk to take us there since it’s slightly out of town.

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