Audrey Cafe & Bistro, Bangkok

Our visit to Audrey Cafe & Bistro was totally unplanned for, we decided to stop by since we would be passing by while walking out of the maze like Thong Lo area to the BTS station. Since it was a cafe and bistro, we thought we could have a drink and order some desserts just to snack a bit before our dinner in 1 hours’ time.

Was certainly attracted by the European style and theme of the restaurant. Audrey Cafe_01

As the decoration was very colonial/Victorian tearoom-style, I was surprised to see that a lot of the mains that they sell are actually Thai food and not Western dishes. Even more disappointing that the desserts seemed rather ordinary.  I was expecting to find over-the-top milkshake like the ones served in Cake Spade (Singapore) or perhaps some special dessert creations.

Felt kinda embarrassed to end up ordering only a Thai Iced Tea. But then I think I will be even more disappointed to travel all the way here to visit the restaurant only to find a rather ordinary menu…

So we had a short rest stop, admired the wonderful ambience of the cafe and were quick to move off…

This place goes into my list of “over-hyped” cafes we visited in Bangkok.

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