Rocket Coffeebar S49, Bangkok

Our 2nd stop in Thong Lo area is to visit Rocket Coffeebar S49 for some caffeine fix. While getting to the cafe on foot, we saw quite a number of motorbike-taxi “stations”.  Also observed quite a lot of foreigners were using them, zooming around the area. I think such service is in high demand in Thong Lo since a lot of the residential developments are quite a distance away from the main Sukhumvit road?

We probably walked about 10-15 mins before we arrived at Rocket Coffeebar.

Rocket Coffeebar S49_01

Ordered a Rocket Fuel Cold Brew Coffee Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and Guatemala and a Black Cherry cold brew coffee served over ice with a large cherry cube and aromatic orange essence.

Really loved the cold brew here as it is not as acidic as the ones I usually tasted in Singapore. The ones here were smooth and easy to drink. Especially enjoyed the Black Cherry as the cherry jelly provided sweetness to the coffee along with the refreshing orange zest.

Though we visited them in the evening, I think this would be a good place to have Brunch. The only obstacle for me to come visit them during breakfast was the transport. Not sure if the taxi drivers know the way to this place? *I’ve had bad experience with taking taxis to these eateries located in the small alleys as it’s not easy to tell them the location and to guide them to find the place*

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