I’ve noticed Bōruto since they began operations but decided to wait-and-see before we decide whether to pay them a visit. Having read that its a sake bar serving up tapas style dishes meant that the overall cost of a meal may add up to quite a sum – not your casual dinner type of place.

My usual go-to place for sake is an izakaya serving skewers and I’m pretty satisfied with pairing sake with skewers. Having to pay more for tapas dishes to go with sake, meant that the food must at least be of a certain quality.

When we arrived at 7+pm the level 1 seating area was pretty much occupied. We took the counter seats and spent some time picking out the sake to go with our dinner. Unfortunately the one we picked was sold out, the staff asked if we wish to go up to the sake bar on the upper level to pick another bottle. Being novice at picking sakes, we asked her to make some recommendations. She swiftly went up to the sake bar and presented to us a few other options with varying dryness. Eventually we chose the Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake.


While enjoying the fine sake, we lost track of time and didn’t noticed how long we waited for our food, but the kitchen staff served up a complimentary starter informing us that there was some issue with the appliance and our food will be delayed. I think it was the Hotate & Chili Salsa Hokkaido scallop ceviche with chili salsa & mixed herbs. It was a light appetizer that prep us for our next tapas dish. Our order of Hotate to Cauliflower no Grill grilled Hokkaido scallops, cauliflower cream, curried cauliflower florets was served shortly. The scallops were chewy and succulent, loved the creamy cauliflower with a hint of spiciness from the powder. It was a myraid of textures in one mouthful.


Other tapas that we ordered include the Saga Gyu Tataki Seared Japanese Saga Beef with saffron and Kani + Kaiso Salada Mixed Japanese seaweed salad with queen crab, kazunoko mentai, yuzu molecules & wasabi dressing. The lightly seared beef was really tender while the crunchy texture of the seaweed was really addictive.

Lastly we had the Teba Gyoza Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with minced pork, wild vegetables & silver fish and Uni Pasta v1.1 Braised capellini in sea urchin and yuzu stock, topped with fresh sea urchin roe & Hokkaido white wasabi. 

The fried chicken wings were really crispy and juicy but I was slightly disappointed with the pasta. The pasta was slightly soggy and didn’t have much uni taste.


I wouldn’t mind returning to enjoy the fine range of sake available but only for that occasional indulgence.

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