Andong Zzimdak [Closed]

Koreans are known for enjoying spicy dishes, so the Jjimdak (Korean braised chicken) is one Korean food option for folks who don’t take spicy food.

I’ve spotted a few korean eateries serving Jjimdak in their menu but Andong Zzimdak is probably one of the first in Singapore to specialise in this dish.

As with most of the other Korean dishes, the Jjimdak serving is huge and meant for minmally 2-3 pax. It’s definitely more worthwhile to enjoy it in a group. We struggled slightly to finish the Jjimdak between us – though we finished the chicken but left some potatoes.

The Jjimdak was served with lots of other ingredients such as carrots, cucumber, potatoes and there were cellophane noodles hidden under the pile. Noticed that there were a few slices of dried chilli inside so there’s a tad of spiciness in it, more like peppery taste which shouldn’t pose a problem to most people. We ordered rice to go along with this dish as it can be overwhelmingly savoury to be eaten on its own.

Andong Zzimdak_02

Initially I did enjoy the succulent meat and the soft carrots but after eating half the dish, we started to feel that the dish was too monotonous. Thankfully we could could rely on the pickled radish and kimchi to help break the sweetness and savoriness of gravy.

Andong Zzimdak_01

Bottom line, I do enjoy Jjimdak but would be more palatable if eaten in reasonable portion. So remember to dine in large group.


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