Ginza Kushi-Katsu

Recently chanced upon a TV cooking show that featured an Omelette Rice recipe, seeing the yellow fluffy egg triggered my craving for Omelette Rice. It has been a while since I last had Omelette Rice and somehow this dish had dwindled off the menu of many Jap restaurants nowadays.

Found Ginza Kushi-Katsu, a relatively new eatery specialising in beef cutlet but also has Omelette Rice in their menu. They are the first restaurant serving “Gyu-katsu” in Singapore. The beef fillet is deep-fried for 60 seconds at 210 degrees. Hence when the katsu was served the beef is still pink in the centre. Guests who ordered the gyu-katsu will be able to further grill the beef to their own preferred doneness using their personal Shichirin stove that comes with a hotplate.

Ginza Kushi-Katsu_01

The beef is only coated with a very thin layer of crust which was nicely fried while the beef in the centre remained tender since it was fried at low heat. The combo that we ordered included pork kushi-katsu, so comparatively I enjoyed the beef more.

To satisfy my Omelette craving, I ordered the Crab Cream Croquette Omu Rice.

Ginza Kushi-Katsu_02

The crab croquette seemed slightly soggy even for the parts that didn’t got soaked by the gravy. Nonetheless this helped to satisfy my craving for fluffy omelette rice. =)

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