Cafe de Prins, Amsterdam

Touched down at Amsterdam in early morning. Our room was not ready for check-in so after leaving our luggage we were off to explore the city and look for breakfast.

In a few hours time the city will be hosting the EuroPride – a pan-European international event dedicated to LGBT pride, whereby floats will be cruising down one of their main canals. Therefore the city was decked out in rainbow flags and rainbow balloon arches.


As we made our way to look for Cafe de Prins at 10am, there were people in their boats along the Prinsengracht canal preparing for the carnival which is happening at 1.30pm.

Cafe de Prins_01

The cafe was easy to locate as they are on the opposite bank a short walk away from the landmark Anne Frank House. Ordered the Dutch Pancake and had been expecting to see a fluffy puffed up pancake served in a cast-iron pan, but instead we saw a large, paper-thin slice being served to us on a normal plate. *Ahem, this doesn’t seem to resemble the pancake we were looking for… Turned out that the fluffy ones served in cast-iron are named “Dutch baby pancakes” didn’t originate from Netherlands!

The dutch pancakes or pannekoek tasted like crispy prata with choice of toppings (bacon/cheese/apple). From the round rings on the pancake, it’s clear that we ordered one with apples since the Dutch love apples. Cafe de Prins_02

Also had the fried eggs with sauteed mushrooms on toast.

We found ourselves as the rare customers who chose to sit indoor as most of their customers took a seat outside (just like Parisian style cafes) overlooking the bustling canal. But we enjoyed the quietness and quaintness of this “brown cafe” decor.

With our stomachs filled, we continued with our stroll around Amsterdam city’s canals and admiring the picturesque scenes, in particularly those hidden in the smaller canal alleys.

Photos taken earlier:


The relatively generous leg space on SQ A350 was a nice surprise – even for economy class seats. Had a good rest onboard as it seems that with the improved air flow circulation the air humidity is higher as I didn’t experience dry nasal as I used to do on other long haul red eye flights. The meals were pretty good (proven once again that meals for long haul flights are better than regional ones). The wide large touch screen display and control were sleek and fabulous. Clarity and sharpness of the display were a welcomed feature. Tempted to bid for the premium economy upgrade but thought the money would be better spent at enjoying myself at the destination instead of during the flight. Afterall the difference between economy and premium economy is rather negligible especially on the newly configured A350.

Other than the wider seats and leg space, 1 more meal option, availability of champagne, the rest are largely the same. You got to share the same toilets as economy class folks, meals are also served on plastic trays. Cost of SQ flights are already more premium than other carriers so to pay for premium economy is IMO not worth the penny. If you wish to pamper yourself, go for business class to really experience the difference in level of comfort and service.

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