Lanskroon, Amsterdam

After our unsuccessful attempt to locate the famous Stroopwafel stall in Albert Cuyp Market, the next morning we decided to make our way to Lanskroon to try their legendary Stroopwafels. Lanskroon is a bakery shop cum cafe, hence should be easier for us to locate them.


Ordered a piece of Stroopwafel along with a cup of cafe latte, with the purpose of placing the Stroopwafel over the cup. It is said that the steam/heat from the coffee will help to slightly melt the caramel syrup which is sandwiched between the two thin crispy waffles. I certainly loved the crispy texture of the waffle along with the sweet & savoury caramel syrup – a heavenly combination. The delectable stroopwafels are also available for sale in boxes.

We were also attracted to the cinnamon croissant in the display counter and had bought one. The cinnamon croissant was freshly baked as evidence from its fluffy body and crisp outer crust. Sprinkled with a generous coating of the aromatic cinnamon powder. The layered flaky texture is much lighter and easy to eat than the denser cinnamon rolls that we get to see more commonly in Singapore.

Having tasted the addictive stroopwafel, we decided that it was worthy enough for us to hand-carry a few boxes of these Dutch snacks back to Singapore. Unfortunately since we were only at the start of our trip, we didn’t want to buy them from bakeries. Sounds ironic, but it was because these freshly baked ones are likely to be without preservatives and we aren’t sure if they would turn mouldy by the time we returned home? We decided to look for those packed and manufactured in factories to bring back as gifts. We found out that a particular brand – Dutch Heroes was commonly cited on Airfrov requests so we went about trying to find them at the local supermarkets.

After searching around we realised that most supermarkets usually carry their own house-brand of stroopwafels or for factory-made ones another brand called Daelmans. Apparently Daelmans are available in Singapore as well. Even after asking the locals about Dutch Heroes brand stroopwafels, we were left clueless as to where to get them – the locals haven’t heard of this brand. The locals shared that for them, they usually pop by any bakery shop to get stroopwafels, wouldn’t purchase these factory-made ones – a point which I absolutely agree with.

Just as we were about to leave Amsterdam without stroopwafels as omiyage, we found them at the Schiphol Airport… Tons of it, proudly displayed at the Fine Food shop. We also found that the stroopwafels are sold in individual 2-piece packaging.

As for the taste test, undeniably the ones at Lanskroon beat the factory-made ones hands down. The Lanskroon ones were really thin, while the Dutch Heroes ones were slightly thicker. The freshly baked ones were a lot crispier with the right ratio of syrup in the middle. The Dutch Heroes ones were less crisp and a bit more chewy in texture. However I guess without easy access to freshly made stroopwafels in Singapore, getting the Dutch Heroes one will be good enough to satisfy one’s craving.

Dutch Heroes Stroopwafels_01

Photos taken earlier:


Summer weather is good time to visit Europe due to longer daylight and the cooling weather. Amsterdam is a very walkable city due to its rather flat terrain, though I wasn’t brave enough to cycle around town – I foresee I will have trouble riding uphill to cross bridges!

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2 Responses to Lanskroon, Amsterdam

  1. Yanshizzle says:

    Hihi just to confirm with you Dutch Hero’s Original Stroopwafels can be found at the airport? The shop is called Fine Food? How much is a box?
    Thanks so much

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