Pancakes Amsterdam

Woke up bright and early because we wanted to beat the crowd at the “I amsterdam” letters at the back of the Rijksmuseum. Some sources said it is better to arrive before 9am so we heeded the advice. However after snapping photos at the location, we soon realised that many of the cafes only opens from 10am. Was on our way to visit a cafe famous for their Stroopwafels (opens at 10am) when we happened to pass by Pancakes Amsterdam and they are one of the rare ones available so we popped in for our breakfast.

The place was already 95% full and we were pretty lucky to get the last indoor table available.

Pancakes Amsterdam_01

On Day 1 of our trip, we had pancakes for breakfast too. So this was our 2nd taste of Dutch pancakes. Instead of ordering apple pancakes, this time round we ordered the Banana with almond nuts pancake which was served with chocolate sauce. The pancake was covered with thinly sliced banana and generous almond nut slices. Although comparatively it is not as crispy as the one we had the previous day at another cafe, the ones served here had a slightly chewy texture.

Other than pancake, we also tried Poffertjes. These “baby pancakes” are small and fluffy, served with butter and sieved powdered sugar. They are a lot more spongy in texture than their larger-sized cousins.

Pancakes Amsterdam_02

We also noticed something different about this place. Usually in Singapore “Cash is King”, but this place – they ONLY ACCEPT CARD PAYMENT, no cash allowed. Hmmm….we also noticed in supermarts that they have “Card Payment Only” counters. There was this particular mart that we visited doesn’t accept VISA nor Mastercard…we couldn’t figure out which brand do they accept…

Photos taken earlier:

Heineken Brewery visit was initially on our “To-Visit” list when we looking for places of interest. However we soon find ourselves too occupied exploring the city’s amazing streets & canals that we gave them a miss. Afterall we have our own Tiger Brewery in Singapore~


After waiting for a few groups of visitors to clear out, finally managed to get a shot of the iconic slogan without much people. Busload full of visitors came in intermittent intervals despite us reaching at 8.45am…

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