Cafe Winkel 43, Amsterdam

The day trip to Kinderdijk to see windmills was more hectic than we had imagined it to be and we had skipped our lunch…Back in Amsterdam in the evening and we decided to have a quick grab before our dinner in 2 hours’ time.

Stopped by Cafe Winkel 43 to try their famous Apple Pie (appeltaart) and saw they also have bitterballen (Beef croquettes) on their menu so we ordered that too to go with the beer.

The apple pie has a nice crust with moist chunky apple-filling which was not too sweet. Although fattening, I’ve agreed to top it with whipped cream.

Cafe Winkel 43_01

Bitterballen served with spicy mustard was a great beer snack.

Another 2 items on my “To-Eat” list checked~

Other photos taken earlier during our day trip to Rotterdam/Kinderdijk:

The architecture style of Centraal Station in Rotterdam is a total opposite from the Amsterdam one. The Rotterdam one is ultra-modern and sleek looking.


The Markthal (Market hall) is a mixed development comprising of a market hall and residential units. The horseshoe shaped structure became one of the many icons of Rotterdam since its completion in 2014.  The glass facade is one of the largest glass-window cable structure in Europe.


The cube houses are another one of Rotterdam‘s icons. I find them mind boggling as we walked through the development since the cube houses are all angled at a certain degree. The tilted surfaces seems to greatly reduce the amount of usable floor area and appears to me as an inefficient use of space? However they really looked amazing and unique from the outside.


Two landmark bridges in Rotterdam, the red one is Willemsbrug and the blueish white one is Erasmusbrug (newer one and is considered as one of the longest swing bridge in the World).  Nearby is the De Rotterdam that looked like building blocks being stacked off-centred. It is also the largest building in Netherlands.

From the modern Rotterdam city, we took a waterbus to reach Kinderdijk – an UNESCO World Heritage Site to see one of the icons of Netherlands – Windmills.


The site is a short walk across the pier where we alight from our waterbus. The place is free to enter and you only need to pay if you wish to take the shuttle boat within the site and entry to museums and a working windmill. Many locals brought their own bicycles to enjoy a day-out at the historic site.


It was interesting to visit the inside of the windmill where they preserved the furniture and living condition of a family that used to occupy that windmill museum. I was attracted to the amazing view of green fields and waterways when I peeked through the cottage-style windows.


On the little garden outside, they even put up a clothes line to mimic the daily life of the people who stayed in the windmills. The scene reminded me of “clothes detergent” commercials with the white shirts swaying in the breeze against blue sky backdrop. As we wandered around the site that covers around 10 windmills, there are in fact other windmills surrounding the UNESCO site that are private properties and are occupied by others who are still staying in them.


Saw a family of swans paddling down the waterway in a single file, what a cute sight!


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