Restaurant Breda, Amsterdam

For our final meal in Amsterdam, we chose to visit Restaurant Breda. The place offers modern international cuisine, featuring a mix of modern Nordic and Asian flavours. Another key feature of the place is “there’s no menu”. Upon seated, we were asked to choose between the three options of ‘Basic‘, ‘Extra‘ and ‘The Full Monty‘, that differ in number of courses (5/7/9 – I think). We opted for a ‘Basic‘ and ‘The Full Monty‘ for each of us so that both of us could taste all the items without bursting our stomachs.

We followed our map and made our way to the address on the website, but it took us a while to verify that this was the correct place since there wasn’t any sign indicating the name of the restaurant.

Breda Restaurant_01

From the wine menu we spotted the Santorini PDO ‘12, Domaine Sigalas, Santorini (GR) Assyrtiko and decided to try it. Assyrtiko is a rather uncommon wine in Singapore, I read that the white Greek wine grape is indigenous to the island of Santorini.

Our dinner started with a snack – fried peas with mint and a trio of starters comprising of Corn soup, polenta croquettes and taco with white fish. The slightly charred peas was crunchy with a refreshing mint dip. I was happy to see a platter of small bites presented, I always preferred variety over quantity =)

Breda Restaurant_02

King crab, cabbage remoulade with wild fennel and Oyster ceviche that has a hint of sesame oil which is distinctively Asian flavour.

Breda Restaurant_03

After the 2 relatively light seafood items, we moved onto slightly richer dishes. Starting with the Tomato, tarragon, celeriac and Seaweed soup, pork belly, star anise, thai parsley. The tomato and celeriac pairing was good, but what caught our attention was the clear soup with pork. We were familiar with seaweed soup but to cook it with star anise was something interesting and adding more complexity to the soup.

The next dish also featured familiar Asian ingredient – Choy sum, garlic, horseradish, sambal and brown butter. Usually we will simply stir-fry choy sum with garlic and oyster sauce. Here the chef put a twist to the dish with horseradish and brown butter. Now I’m inspired to replicate this dish when I’m back home =)

Breda Restaurant_04

Up next was Fish with green apple, parsley oil. A delicate fish perfectly cooked and I loved how the Dutch always finds way to cook their apples!

Familiar veg appeared in the next dish again Langoustine, pak choi, bisque of the head. Even the staff told us that she didn’t need to specially explain to us the Asian greens since we are probably very familiar with them! The crunchy green was a great addition to the rich and creamy bisque.

Breda Restaurant_05

The final main was Veal aged ribeye with caramelised onion. The mildly charred onion was sweet and aromatic. Veal with a slight pinkish centre was tender and flavourful.

Ended our meal with Granita strawberry and White chocolate with basil and bell pepper.

Breda Restaurant_06

Moving on to Copenhagen for the meal that triggered this whole trip =)

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