Kodbyens Fiskebar, Copenhagen

Arrived in Copenhagen in late afternoon and did some sightseeing before heading over for dinner at the packing district area. I was looking for a nice seafood place for dinner when I shortlisted Kodbyens Fiskebar. Turned out that they are one of the bib gourmand restaurants in Copenhagen, so it further supported my choice to go all the way to the slightly out of central area zone to visit them.

By now we are more used to having dinner in bright daylight although it was already 8.30pm. The sun sets at only around 9.30pm in Copenhagen during this time of the year. Due to cold weather front approaching the region, the temperature dropped from high end of 18 degrees range to low end of 10 degrees range.  We certainly felt the drastic drop in temperature even more after we finished our meal.


Started our meal with Oyster tasting from 4 region: PapillonAres, Le GallBretagne, St. VaastNormandy, GillardeauMarennes. The papillon are smaller and less plump, while the le gall are really briny – my least favoured. The st vaast and gillardeau were both really good, plump and succulent.

Since we are in a seafood place, we didn’t forget the chance to pair our meal with the crisp Gruner Veltliner.  


We focused our attention on the seafood dishes and ordered the Brown Crab with smoked cheese, burnt herbs, watercress, fava beans and salted green plums and seared Hake served with fried baby gem, turnip, sheep yogurt, dill, radish, courgette and wild chervil, new potatoes and lovage.

Here are the seared Scallops with peas, morels and anchovy.


Completing our meal with the Raspberry with marzipan and goats cheese.

We are certainly fans of Nordic style cooking, the dishes showcased fresh seafood and more importantly cooked healthily yet flavoursome due to the use of spices and herbs such as chives, thyme, dills etc.

Can’t wait to taste our next meal – the meal that triggered this whole trip, NOMA.

Other photos taken earlier:


We were on our way to our hotel when we passed by Nyhavn and saw a burst of sunlight casting a warm glow on the colourful townhouses. Without any hesitation, we whipped out our cameras to capture this shot.


After checking into the hotel, we took a stroll to visit “The Little Mermaid” statue and passed by the Amalienborg Palace – winter residence of the Danish Royal Family.


On our way to the restaurant, we spotted the Hans Christian Andersen statue at the City Hall Square. Interestingly the statue was looking at the Tivoli entrance which is across the street.

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