Mikkeller & Friends, Copenhagen

First heard about Mikkeller while visiting Bangkok and they opened an outlet in Singapore earlier this year (sometime in Apr). Since we were already planning a trip to Denmark, we decided to visit their “headquarter” in Copenhagen instead of the one in Singapore.

The founding outlet is Mikkeller Bar but Mikkeller & Friends (the 2nd outlet) actually carries a larger variety of beer on taps, hence we decided to drop by this outlet instead.


The bar has 2 counters these 25 beers listed above are just half of what they offer~ Total of 40 beers on tap~


Can’t exactly remember how many beers we tried but they were all very smooth drinking. Off-hand I remembered trying the Founders Pale AleNorrebro Brown Ale, a few of the beers had quite interesting names such as Green GoldThe Stig, Funky Buddha etc. As the brew are seasonal, the full list of available beers are updated regularly on their website.

The place serve some finger food but based on observation seems that most people were there for the beers only. Another feature of this drinking hole is the sleek and modern design which made the place looked almost like a cafe (if you disregard the beer taps). We certainly enjoyed our time relaxing in this cozy drinking place.

Other photos taken earlier:


In the morning we visited the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. What’s interesting about this building was the spiral ramp within the tower and the deck at the top of the tower which offers expansive view of Copenhagen.


After our meal at Noma, we took a short walk over to the Freetown Christiania. We adhered to signages of NO PHOTO TAKING at Pusher Street and kept our cameras in our bags. PS: On 31 Aug 16, there was a shooting incident in Freetown Christiania during an arrest operation. Christiania residents decided that the stalls in Pusher Street should be removed. Not sure if that marked the end of Pusher Street?


Visited Superkilen Park just before the sunset, the park gained much attention due to an iPhone advert. But the most noticeable feature of the park is the presence of multicultural displays intended to celebrate diversity.

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