Cafe Det Vide Hus, Copenhagen

After the lunch at Geranium, somehow we both felt that there were still space for more food and we decided to stop by Cafe Det Vide Hus for some popsicles.

The cafe is located at Norreport area and quite easy to locate them. As it is primarily a cafe, the popsicles weren’t displayed at the counter. Instead they were stored in a fridge behind and there was a menu displayed at the counter listing the flavours available.


I saw the colourful popsicles in the fridge and was tempted to order the ones that “look nice” for photos =P but ended up choosing flavours that we like instead.

The yellow & choc one is The Wasp (mango sorbet, coconut ice cream, chocolate, roasted macadamia nuts & lime toffee) and the other one is Philli Vanilie (Vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate chip, chocolate & roasted coconut).

Other photos taken earlier:copenhagen_09

Visited the royal library which has a new extension known as “The Black Diamond”. Often listed as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and it is easy to see why. With the ultra sleek and modern design along with glass facades that lets in ample daylight, this building is off the charts cool.


Also visited the Christiansborg Palace ground, the queue to go up the tower (for free) doesn’t seems to be moving…if time schedule permits, I would recommend visiting the restaurant for tea and you’ll get to access the tower (one level above the restaurant) anytime before or after your meal or tea.


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