Nyhavn 17, Copenhagen

Being a tourist spot, I’m pretty sure any of the pubs/restaurants located along the iconic Nyhavn canal would most likely be overpriced. However I can’t help but wanted to end my day there by having a beer and people watch while seated along the stretch of shophouses.


We chose to have some light bites and drinks at the Nyhavn 17 mainly cos this yellow shophouse was featured in many of the miniature models that we saw. Effective “advertising”?


We also tried some other food/snacks in Copenhagen which I shall include in this post since it’ll be the final post on Copenhagen.

Firstly, visit to The Coffee Collective – they are reputed to be Danish king of coffee. We visited the outlet in Torvehallerne. Torvehallerne is a food hall/market with many stalls selling produces and food products.  Love the design of the cups and of cos they use quality coffee beans. A must-visit for any coffee addicts.


Secondly, we tried mini flødeboller from SummerbirdFlødeboller is a traditional danish sweet treat, its somewhat like chocolate-coated marshmallow. We tried the seasonal flavour along with the classic chocolate flavour. The white one is liquorice which we avoided~


The orangey coloured summer edition has a base of oozing, soft marzipan with strawberry filling and white chocolate coating. The classic version has fluffy egg white filling and chocolate coating. I found the summer edition refreshing and a nice blend of strawberry and chocolate whereas the classic one reminded me of “Choco Pie” albeit with a thin chocolate layer instead of thick cakes.

Thirdly, we wanted to try Avocado Toast at Atelier September. However as the place was full and the kitchen seems short-handed, we decided to just buy a coffee to to go…


Even at the airport, just before we fly we had to have our last filling of Danish hotdogs =) Loved the fried onions topping that made it exceptionally fragrant.


Was trying to finish spending my last Krone when I saw an interesting product – Coffee that can be brewed in the bag. Just add hot water and gourmet coffee would be ready. A handy product for travelling.


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